Alumni Network


IFA Paris prides itself of staying at the forefront of the fashion & luxury education and therefore wishes to develop strong links with its graduates by bringing them meaningful information and services useful to their personal development and career.

Becoming an IFA Paris graduate will greatly benefit you!

  • Due to the fast pace of evolution in the fashion and luxury industry, we believe IFA Paris graduates need to be in constant contact with updated information and knowledge. Joining our IFA Paris Alumni Network will now grant exclusive access to our Learning Management System (LMS) for the program you graduated from. This special access to the LMS will enable you to get information from all modules of your former program and the development or update of modules within your associated intake. We want our graduates to always have the latest from the fashion & luxury scene!
  • If you are on Linkedin, you can add IFA Paris on your profile under your education, this way you will automatically be in the Linkedin group with all other alumni, which can be seen on our university page: https://www.linkedin.com/school/ifa-paris
  • If you happen to stay in Paris or Shanghai to continue your career, you can, as Alumni, join exclusive events like presentations from industry professionals, fashion shows as well as yearly networking events with current and future students of IFA Paris.

If you are a IFA Paris alumni and would like access the LMS system, please contact us at [email protected]