Fashion Industry Careers

Top Tips For Getting A Fashion Job

Stepping into your career is an exciting time, especially when you’re entering the fashion world. This industry is always changing and evolving, every day is different! Whether you want to embrace design or work with a marketing team, there are a wide variety of different roles to choose from. 

You’ve probably already been told how fierce the competition is for jobs within fashion. Whilst this is true, it shouldn’t put you off chasing your dream position. With the right personal branding and job search tools, you can land your ideal fashion job.

Keep on reading to explore the best ways to start your career in fashion.

How to Find a Job or Internship

Starting your job search can be confusing, but there are some key routes to take when looking for an entry-level job or an internship. 

A great way to start your job search is through fashion-specific job sites. There is a range of websites that curate fashion and textile jobs to help you narrow your search down. Make sure you check these frequently to apply to the latest jobs first! We recommend Fashion Network, Business of Fashion Careers or Drapers Jobs.

Another tool you can use to get your name out there is LinkedIn. Many fashion graduates assume this website is for other industries, however, many creatives are finding their first jobs and internships through headhunters on this site. Remember to list your experience, education, and portfolio to show off your skills. If you have a personal website it can also be linked here.

Networking is also a good way to make industry connections. This could be through an in-person job fair, turning up to industry events, through friends that also work in the creative industry or the IFA Paris Alumni Network. Connecting through social media is also a good way to approach certain creatives. If you have a particular dream job or brand in mind, you can always send them a professional email with your CV and portfolio attached too! 

Keeping Up to Date with the Latest Trends in the Fashion Industry

If you’re planning to work in the fashion industry, you probably watch the latest fashion trends already. However, if you don’t, it’s time to get up to date on your fashion knowledge!

This industry is fast-paced and changes day-to-day, so knowing the latest micro trends and fashion news is essential. When applying to jobs and attending interviews, you’ll often be asked about the trends and to prove you’re a reliable candidate you need to be able to discuss these! Employers want graduates that know the industry inside out, so brush up on the latest news before any interviews. 

Good ways to keep up to date include following fashion news outlets. If you don’t want to buy the print copies of these publications you can easily find their content online or even on social media too. Websites like WGSN (available to all IFA Paris students) are also helpful when it comes to trend forecasting, so make sure you check these frequently too. 

The Virtue of Patience, Humility and Persistence

When applying for any job, it’s essential to be patient. Job hunting will feel frustrating at times, but push through these feelings and keep applying. Persistence and humility are important to get your ideal job. The competition is tough, but determination and your skills will take you far!

If you’re finding the job search particularly tough, remember that everyone starts as a beginner, and no one walks into a perfect job straight away. You can always try rearranging your CV or portfolio for specific jobs. For example, your portfolio should be sports-based for a sportswear company. 

It’s also important not to limit yourself to one niche or brand. The industry needs adaptable workers, so if a job pops up that is in a different category you should consider applying too. You never know, you may be a perfect fit without knowing it! 

It’s also common for graduates to explore other industries before returning to a fashion position. This may sound counterproductive but gaining valuable knowledge and skills in different areas will only strengthen your overall experience for fashion jobs in the future. No two career paths are the same, so embrace all opportunities that come your way. 

Always remember to be realistic during this process though, as you can’t expect to become a Head Designer or a Marketing Director straight out of university. These job aspirations are great, but they’re objectives to work towards, not positions to expect after graduating. Patience, humility, and persistence are key when building your career!

The Takeaway

Looking for a first job takes time and can be frustrating, but the effort is worth it when you land your first role. Job searching in the fashion industry will always call for a slight hustle, but that’s half of the fun. Always remember to keep your CV, portfolio, or website updated and show up to jobs with passion and knowledge too.

Good luck!

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