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IFA Paris campus in Shanghai

IFA Paris campus in Shanghai

Founded in Shanghai in 2002 in partnership with the Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES), IFA Paris is the first Sino-French joint-venture in fashion education. Today, IFA Paris is the leading institute in the fashion and luxury goods sectors in China. It is considered as one of the best performing schools in terms of teaching and creativity. Its teachers, almost all of whom were recruited in Paris, are all experienced professionals in the world of fashion.

Thanks to innovative initiatives and in partnership with the fashion and luxury goods industries, IFA Paris is also the only fashion institute in Shanghai to offer bachelor and MBA courses taught entirely in English.

IFA Paris is ideal for Chinese and international students with a global outlook, who wish to pursue careers in the fields of creation, fashion, and design. It is also intended for those looking for sales and media positions such as business managers or roles in large fashion or luxury goods companies.

Set in a multicultural and international environment, the aim of the school is of course to bring out the creative talent of its students, but it also aims to develop their technical, IT and digital skills.

IFA Paris in Shanghai is a higher education academy that is fully registered with the Chinese Ministry of Education, and is recognized by both the Chinese and the local Shanghai governments. It occupies a huge site that it has organized itself in order to create the perfect conditions for transferring its knowledge and practical skills in the soundest way possible.

Its campus in Shanghai offers a unique learning opportunity, via an initial full time program and ongoing hands-on training courses for professionals who have already started their careers.

IFA Paris in Shanghai also gives its students the chance to witness the breathtaking growth of the Chinese fashion and luxury goods markets. It aims to ensure that its students meet the requirements of the local employment market and also those set internationally.

Student work on display at IFA Paris in Shanghai
Hallway at the IFA Paris campus in Shanghai
Students sewing at the IFA Paris campus in Shanghai
Students working on draping at IFA Paris in Shanghai

The school is proud to see over 90% of its' students find quality employment quickly, for it is this outcome where its' duty and primary mission lie.

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